Wednesday, February 6, 2008

how i got there...

well, i've been overweight since my metabolism changed in high school. i think it was 10th or 11th grade. overnight, i started packing on the pounds. in high school i was maybe 2o to 30 pounds overweight at any given time. but that was okay because i was still active and happy.

after high school i moved out on my own and couldn't afford anything... least of all food. so i ate the free food i got at work... krispy kreme donuts. yup, that's right, i lived on glazed donuts.

oddly enough, i lost weight because that's ALL i was eating.

after about a year i was finally able to afford food. but only the really bad-for-you food. nothing healthy. what was the point, right? so my love of food was kicked into high gear. i'd eat whatever i wanted whenever i wanted and as much as i wanted.

then i got pregnant and had my first and only child... a beautiful daughter!

when i came home from the hospital, i weight over 200 pounds. that was AFTER having the baby. Woah!!! i had somehow gained 75 pounds in a matter of a couple of years. and of course being pregnant gave me all the more excuse to eat whatever i wanted and chalk it up to cravings, right?!

from there i'd put on 10-15 pounds year after year. until finally i had made it all the way up to 275 pounds by the age of 30. i stayed there for years until now, i'm 41 and when i started dieting, i was 265 pounds. last year, i went on NutriSystems for a few months and lost 10 pounds. somehow i kept that off, though not for lack of trying... trying to eat everything in sight. :)

and why did i do that??

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