Wednesday, February 6, 2008

where do i start...

i'm wondering where the best place to start is...

i think at the beginning, to begin with.

i started my weight loss journey on my daughter's 18th birthday. it wasn't planned that way. it just happened. my husband and i went to our first weight watcher's meeting together. yes, weight watchers.

now before you click onto another blog, let me say something about that.

the main reason we tried weight watchers is #1 because we'd heard of so many people having great success with it and #2 it was a place where we could go and learn how to eat better and how to eat foods that would help us lose weight.

and they did.

i lost 5.4 pounds my first week. Woohoo!!!!

i learned a little from weight watchers but most of it i learned on my own. reading articles. reading magazines. reading the booklets they handed out. talking to people, there at weight watchers and all over the place, about nutrition and fitness.

i have to say the main thing that i found out at first, was it was nice to have a place i could go once a week and report to someone else about my weight loss efforts.

it was nice to have someone, or actually many someone else's, that i could talk to about the things i tried and didn't work, listen to how they tried new things that worked for them, etc. what i didn't know at first, was that those meetings were my salvation. without being accountable to someone else, i couldn't have done it. i have absolutely no will power whatsoever and i LOVE food. that's why i was obese and over 130 pounds over weight.

over 130 pounds over weight.

wow, how did i get there...

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