Wednesday, February 6, 2008


that's how i got there was that i LOVED (and still do) food!

i don't know what started it all. my mom says it started when i was a baby and i'd eat too much of my baby food so much so that it would make me puke. i remember over eating many times when i was a kid to the point of throwing it up. i just couldn't get enough of good food... or any food for that matter.

you know, they say that half the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem? well, for me, i've always known i've had an unhealthy obsession to food. so for me, admitting it just doesn't do anything. yea, sure it's hard to say i'm addicted to food or addicted to anything for that matter. but food is just so convenient and friendly and so easy to love. and it's EVERYWHERE.

a friend told me one time the way to beat any addiction is to avoid it. just don't look at it, don't think about it and walk away from it if it crosses your path.

how in the heck do you avoid food???

it's everywhere!!!

it's on tv, in every store and grocery store, it's what you have to do to make yourself live, it's in the smells you smell on your way home from work, walking down the halls at work, it's EVERYWHERE!!! what's worse is that our culture fixates around food. it's the reason friends and family get together. it's the reason to "enjoy" life... let's eat at that new restaurant, so-and-so said they have the best ribs on the planet... on and on it goes.

so there's no avoiding... there's no resisting... there's nothing you can do about it but face it... food is always going to be a challenge for me.

i fight it every day. i think about it every waking moment and dream about it when i sleep. so what do i do about that?

try to focus on the positive aspects of my weight loss. you know, in a way, this weight loss thing is like food therapy. i can still obsess over food. think about it all the time. plan what i'm going to eat next. but the only thing is, now, i have to be smart about it. i have to plan healthy food. i have to think how i'm gong to spend my calories by making wise decisions.

so my obsession with food is still there, just focused in a different direction.

next time, i think i'm gong to talk about some of the successes on my diet.

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