Sunday, February 17, 2008

my 200 pound reward...

well, i said i was going to do this, and i did... and i don't regret it.

i had set a goal with myself when i was about 50 pounds heavier that i'd get some krispy kreme donuts as my treat when i reach 200 pounds.

because i'm under 200 pounds now, i treated myself to my favorite treat on the planet -- hot, fresh krispy kreme doughnuts!!!!

it was wonderful!!!!

i had 4.

granted the only thing i can eat for the rest of the day is vegetables and zero fat and zero calorie food, but it was totally worth it!!!

it was like a religious experience or something. they tasted so wonderful and creamy and sweet. it's been over a year since i've had one.

it was all i'd hoped it would be (isn't that sad).

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE krispy kreme donuts too