Thursday, February 7, 2008

i need a cupcake...

in watching a new tv show tonight i was hit in the face with a very simple line that most people in america won't even remember... "i need a cupcake" she said after her high-powered fashion show had just flopped and she was being ridiculed by the press. the first thing she clings to is a cupcake. food.

see how subliminal it is?

something as innocent as this keeps seeping back into our brains telling us food will fix anything.

the thing of it is, it struck a cord with me because i'm sensitive to it, i'm obsessing over it lately and most importantly I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!

well, that's all i wanted to say for tonight. i just wanted to point out how yet again i was bombarded by food in the must inconspicuous place... no way of escaping it. only to think of how i can get a cupcake that would be on my diet.


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