Saturday, February 16, 2008

i felt like a kid today...

i went biking with my daughter today.

what a blast!

i felt like a kid again!!

although she's an adult now, we still had fun like we were kids.
we stopped to get ice cream at this little ice cream shop that was tucked away under the foot bridge. they sell W. Va. hot dogs!!!

No, i didn't get any hot dogs or ice cream, just water. but it was fun stopping (she had a cone :).
that's a pic of me on the foot bridge that goes over a major interstate.

i got a picture of my daughter, too, but she'll have to post that one on her blog, if she wants to.
had to have proof i went on the bike ride. the pic was taken almost 4 miles away.

we only went for about an hour. we went almost 7 1/2 miles. was soooooooo much fun!!!
we've decided to do this more often. maybe once or twice a week. what a blast!!

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