Thursday, March 13, 2008

artificial sweetener may not be our friend...

I read an article a last month that was shocking. And now I'm wondering if there isn't something really to all of this. (there are actually a couple of versions of the story here and here.

They're saying that people who eat artificial sweetener are more likely to have a hard time losing weight than people who eat regular sugar. "...
the study does suggest artificial sweeteners somehow disrupt the body's ability to regulate incoming calories. "It's still a bit of a mystery why they are overeating, but we definitely have evidence that the animals getting artificially sweetened yogurt end up eating more calories than the ones getting calorically sweetened yogurt."" They're saying it basically leads to overeating.

I wonder if there isn't more to it though. It would be worth doing a little research of our own, you think? What if we gave up artificial sweetener for one week and replaced it with natural sweeteners (fruits or fruit juices, etc.) or even real sugar (in moderation) and see if we had less cravings, ate less, had a less desire to eat, or lost weight.

I think I'm up for the challenge. How about you?


Cara said...

I have given up all artificial sweetner except sometimes I drink a diet coke... otherwise I don't think it. I generally hate everything sweetened with splenda, leaves a gross taste in my mouth. heh.

Good idea though. Are you going to give it up for a week? Maybe we could create a challenge?

->cara said...

Yes. Starting Saturday, I'm going to completely give it up. It's going to be so hard. I put Crystal Light in my water bottles. Just plain water makes my stomach upset. But I've been given some hints of adding grapefruit concentrate to water or add limes or orange wedges, etc.. I'll have to get creative with it and hopefully find something that I can use permanently.

My mother-in-law is going to do it with me. She's having a hard time losing her last 10 lbs to goal. She's hoping this will do the trick. She's been on artificial sweeteners for decades.

Would be great to make it a challenge! See how many of us could do it.

We could even get a bunch of us to post a blog about it on the same day issuing the same challenge (connecting our blogs). That sounds fun! What do you think?

Cara said...

Adding fruit is great for water. I add strawberries all the time, or frozen fruit! mmm. grapefruit chunks are also great! mmm. When I drink water thought it is usually plain, but I chug it so I dont really have to pay attention to it. I hate drinking water, but at the same time my body wants it all the time. hah.

I am down with the no artificial sweetener for a week. That is how long it would be right? Did you already start? I think it would be a great challenge and even better idea to post it on both our blogs! Woo hoo! Let me know when you want to start!

Christina said...

great article :)