Monday, March 3, 2008

resisting temptation...

today at work, someone baked a yummy dessert to share with the office.

i had to have a taste.

it was spectacularly yummy!!!

but i only had a taste... well, two tastes... but that was it. and they were very small bite sized tastes, too. i resisted having a regular sized portion and i was fine with that.

every time i walked past the baked delight, i could smell it. it was haunting me all day long. i have to walk past it to get to the laser printer.

but i resisted it!! for the rest of the day!!! not one more bite!!!

then, some smarty pants put a whole jar of hershey's miniature chocolate bars. UGH!!! i had just seen a commercial the night before talking about how milky ways (though i can't stand them) are lower in fat than any other candy bar. then... there was a whole jar of them (and other flavors too). what a challenge!!!!

but i did not partake!

i think i'm starting to overcome my food addictions. maybe?

what a challenge!!!

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