Friday, March 7, 2008

gaining weight and not caring...

well, i was able to get down two pounds this week, but i'm still up one pound from last week's weigh in. Oh, well, what are ya gonna do?

i'm eating everything i should be. nice and balanced with a good variety of foods. veggies. dairy. oils. fiber. protein. meat. it's all there.

i even exercised 4 days this week. good workouts too. i've walked between 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day this week.

i don't know what i'm missing, but i still gained a pound this week. tomorrow morning is weigh in. we'll see how i did...

something i was thinking about doing at work was starting a "diet club". you have to tell me what you think about this idea. i know so many people at work that are either on a diet or want to be on a diet or have just lost a ton of weight. so i thought we could all get together and just chat about what we're doing, what works, what doesn't, and brag some about what we've lost. i think it would be encouraging for the people who are either struggling to lose or maybe have been wanting to lose but haven't found the will to do it yet.

the only thing is, i'm a terrible organizer. i organized a bake sale for a lady at work who was going on a mission trip to the Czech Republic and it only made $200. i posted flyers. i put an ad in the company newsletter. i circulated emails. i even asked for volunteers to serve or bake. so i don't know what it did wrong.

but i would love to give this one a try. i wonder if anyone else has ever done anything like this?? i could really use some advice. i really want to do this.

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Anonymous said...

Where I used to work we had a diet club and weighed ourselves once a week. We'd put in $1 at he weigh in and next week the one that lost the most got the pot from last week. It was just a little additional incentive and fun because we would all share what worked that week and help each other stay on track.