Saturday, March 1, 2008

to weigh or not to weigh...

that's the question...

do i weigh myself every day or once a week?

is excessive weighing bad? is it obsessive compulsive? is it obsessing over something to where it rules your life?

well, yes, it can. but it doesn't have to. i once had the philosophy that should only weigh myself once a week. if i weighed myself more than that, i would obsess over it. it would put me in a bad mood if i gained or didn't lose anything from day to day. so i quit doing that and just weighed myself once a week. i did that for years. i did it until i was ready to take weighing responsibly.

i know that sounds silly. but i had to be reasonable when I weighed myself every day. i had to know that the scale was going to weigh me heavier after a day of heavy eating or little or no exercise. i had to know that it's nothing to get discouraged about. i had to remember that my body will fluctuate from day to day... up a pound down a pound.

and that the only weigh in that mattered was saturday mornings. once a week. that would be the weight i logged in my journal. and usually by the end of the week, i'd be down even if it was a fraction of a pound. and it was perfectly normal that i had gained a pound on tuesday only to have to lose that pound again during the rest of the week. so long as i was down or broke even on saturday.

it's a different mind set. i just had to get my mind off the obsession and know that it was the overall picture not the day to day nitty gritty details of this weight loss thing.

how do you weigh yourself? once a week? once a month??? once an hour???

what works for you?

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Anonymous said...

I agree, do what is best for you personally. I've tried it once a week and the everyday way and I have to remind myself not to get discouraged with the everyday weights because they are not the ones that really count. Mommy