Wednesday, March 5, 2008

yo yo effect, again...

not sure why, but i'm up 3 pounds right now. i don't weigh in until saturday so hopefully something will kick in gear and help me lose something. i've been eating what i'm supposed to eat. exercising every day like i should. i'm getting a well balanced diet. i'm not stressed at work or at home. i'm not hungry all the time. i have plenty of points to keep me full during the day and at night.

so who knows. i think my weight loss is cyclical. does that even make sense??

i lost 4.4 pounds two weeks ago. then last week i list 1.6 pounds. so does it make sense that my body is tired of losing so much so it starts sabotaging me?

i don't know, but it seems to happen to me alot.

i think i'm just going to have to be patient with it and watch and see what happens. if i gain this week, ok. but if i gain next week too, then we've got a problem.

i fixed a yummy sandwich for lunch today. was 8 points. not that great, but very filling. not something i want to eat every day, but a great distraction from the diet.

i had a turkey, ham and swiss sandwich heated up like a grilled cheese sandwich.

i used regular ole oscar meyer brown sugar ham (6 slices) and misquite roasted turkey slices (again, oscar meyer and 6 slices). then i put two slices of regular ole swiss cheese (kraft) and then put it all between two slices of wonder light italian bread. i then grilled it all in a small pan and had baked cheetoes to compliment it.

was a great lunch. sure, i could have done it for less points, but what's the point, right? was very yummy!

now i'm off to have another moo milk! :),

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jodi said...

i'm sure you'll lose that 3 pounds by the weekend - as you saw in my post, i wasn't expecting a loss but someone the scale gave me one anyway... i've learned that as much as i try to do 'what i'm supposed to do', there will be times when my body ignores it and does its own thing... that samich looks yummy! :o)