Thursday, March 6, 2008

good workout...

had a great workout this morning. i just started going to the gym a couple of weeks ago. i've only done the elliptical so far, but what a work out! being as i'm only used to walking as my chosen form of exercise, the elliptical is such a work out.

i'll bet i burn as many calories in a half hour on the elliptical as i do in an hour of walking. (btw, that's not a pic of me on the elliptical up there :)

i got a new audio book to listen to while working out. it's actually a book i bought about 8 years ago and have never finished. i really like the book, i just don't have much time to read. i've been trying to make more time to read, but it just isn't happening. so i figured the audio book was the way to go. it REALLY helps the time fly by while working out.

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Cara said...

I also listen to audiobooks while I work out, and in the massive traffic I have to face everyday. i love it! It makes me want to keep working out so I can find out what happens next! hahahah.