Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 days and counting...

Okay, I'm starting this blog with an excuse. My excuse... I had horrible cramps this morning and that's why I didn't go running.

It's the truth. I'm not "making" an excuse.

Tomorrow is walking with the girls and as a punishment for not running this morning, I'm going to walk to the house that we're all meeting at rather than drive. It's only about a mile away. So it'll be an extra 15 minute walk for me. If it works out okay, I can do this on a regular basis. Put in an extra 20 minutes of walking on top of the hour that I walk with the girls. Not bad.

Now Friday is my next true test to see if I get up and run. Count down commencing, engines on... Friday is the day I'm starting my runs again.

2 days and counting...

I subscribe to an e-newsletter from iVillage called "Conquer Your Cravings". It's a daily dose of helpful hints to help with the diet. Today's was pretty cool. I thought I'd copy you guys on it. It was talking about portion control and ways to easily figure out if your portions are too big:

  • A woman's fist or a baseball = one cup serving of vegetables or fruit
  • A rounded handful = about one-half cup cooked or raw veggies or cut fruit, a piece of fruit, or one-half cup of cooked rice or pasta; also a good measure for a snack serving, such as chips or pretzels
  • A deck of cards or the palm of your hand (don't count your fingers!) =a three-ounce serving of meat, fish or poultry
  • A thumb tip = about one teaspoon of peanut butter or margarine
I love iVillage. Have you guys checked it out? I've been a member since 1998. It has so many cool things for women. Here's what they say about themselves: "iVillage.com is the first and largest media company dedicated exclusively to connecting women at every stage of their lives." If you haven't checked them out lately, you should. I found so many things on their website over the years that has helped me with my career, my family, my home and alot more. They even have online classes you can take about different things.

Well, that's my shameless plug for the day.

Do you guys have any favorite "women's" websites?


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Deborah said...

Good suggestions on portion amounts. It's always so hard to haul out the measurng cups in a restaurant. I knew the deck of cards one but not the others. Thanks.

Sounds like a good way to get in a little extra walking.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. I'm helping you count down the minutes. I could still call and sing to you?