Thursday, June 26, 2008

another day in the life...

I remembered to WWTGs this morning. :0)

Had a real busy day today. Lots of projects going on. And on top of that Proof day (when the whole magazine gets proofed and reproofed and approved) is Monday. So needless to say there was a lot of work going on today.

I had fun, though. Everyone was in a good mood and joking. But boy was it a long day.

There's this box of chocolates that's been in the office since Monday that's been haunting me and Sarah. Both of us want to dive into it and leave not a crumb. She can't have any because she's 8 months pregnant and doesn't need to gain any more weight. But that box of chocolate keeps calling out to us. I tried putting it behind the accordion door, but I can still hear it calling.

I tell you, if I can make it through tomorrow without cheating, it will truly be a miracle.

So far, I haven't dipped into my flex points at all and I've stuck to my daily points every day.

I'm actually up 1.4 lbs since my miraculous 6.2 pound loss in one day. I'm just hoping I can hold it where it is now. I think it would still be a loss if I can keep it where it is now.

Well, not much else going on...

I'm going to get up tomorrow morning and go running using the 5-5-5-5-5 system. Will let you know how the HR goes.



Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,

Glad to read you are having fun running + had a good week.

What is WWTGs -- is it a Weight Watchers group weigh in or something else? I'm trying to decode your acronym and clicked on the WWTG tag but it only brought up the same two entries.

Apologies if I am being dimmy,
Confused from London UK!

Deborah said...

Yay, on the fun at work. Sure hope the chocolates aren't there again on Monday.

Please post a new pic of yourself. I'll bet people would like to see the change since your last one. I was amazed to see the difference when you sent me one.