Sunday, June 22, 2008

okay, this one was weird...

I woke up this morning and did the same thing I always do... pull my tired self out of bed, crawl to the bathroom, empty my full (... well, you know), then weigh myself. It's the same thing I do EVERY morning, without fail.

This morning, I was down 6.2 pounds from yesterday morning.


How on earth could that possibly be... possible???!!!

I've heard that if you spike up real fast in pounds that it should be easy to take them off. But in ONE DAY???

I ate normal yesterday, too. Nothing more than what I had eaten in the past 5 or 6 days.

On Saturday mornings, I'll make egg beater scrambled eggs with diced onions, green peppers, tomatoes with 2% shredded sharp cheddar cheese and then I'll usually have turkey sausage patty(ies) or buckwheat pancakes or flax whole grain waffles. I had two turkey sausage patties yesterday with my eggs (6.5 pts total). Then for lunch, we went to Logan's and I had a half of an 8 oz sirloin (always split it with my lovely daughter who eats like a mouse), with steamed broccoli and a side salad without the bacon and with oil and vinegar dressing (13 pts total). Then for dinner I had a big bowl of watermelon/honey dew/cantaloupe with two 1" cubes of 2% sharp cheddar cheese (4 pts total).

So I stuck to my points, like I always do. I ate well rounded meals. Protein, dairy, fiber, etc. and BAM, lost 6.2 pounds.

Who knows. I guess I should just count my blessings, huh?

The real trick will be seeing if it stays off tomorrow morning. Maybe this morning was just a fluke?! Wouldn't that be a cruel joke? Wouldn't be the first time that's ever happened.

So I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow morning.

Oh, I wanted to tell you about these wonderful frozen waffles I found. First, I know what you're going to say, the words "frozen" and "waffles" just shouldn't be used in conjunction with each other. But before you judge, you should try these. They're made by a company called "De Wafelbakkers". They're Buckwheat Berry Flaxseed Pancakes. I got them at Walmart for $1.48 for 6 pancakes. They're individually wrapped inside into 2 servings of 3 pancakes each. They're made with buckwheat flour, "which contains magnesium which relaxes blood vessels, improving blood flow and nutrient delivery while lowering blood pressure" (from the back of the box), and whole grain flour, and flaxseed which "contains lignans, a type of fiber, which may have antioxidant actions and may help protect against certain cancers and Omega 3 fatty acids, which benefits the heart in healthy people and those at risk of cardiovascular disease." and Fructan which "is derived from cane and beet sugar, a natural dietary fiber, which enhances calcium absorption and promotes digestive health. It has no cholesterol, no trans fats and no artificial anything.

And most importantly, they're delicious. I was totally blown away by these things. I miss pancakes. And I've tried frozen pancakes before and they've always been dry and tasteless and I end up pouring gobs of syrup on them to try and get some flavor. But these guys don't even need syrup. The berry flavor is sweet enough without the syrup. I just put a little bit of butter on them and that was perfect.

They're my new favorite breakfast. Have you ever heard of them or tried them?


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amy said...

I have not weighed in 2 weeks. I feel like a failure. I will have to find those waffles. They look great