Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Squarpants like me again...

I had a great walk this morning! Was just the three of us. One wasn't feeling well. :(

But about halfway through, one girl took the lead. She's never led before and I tell you what, I want her to lead from now on! She has great stride. We walked at a much faster pace than we usually do.

About half way into the walk, I was afraid that we wouldn't make it back in time. Last time, we were 10 minutes late getting back. 10 minutes doesn't sound like a lot of time, but it's 10 minutes that eats into the morning routine of getting ready. 10 minutes was a lot. So this morning I was panicking that we'd be late again. But then when she took the lead, we kicked it in gear and made it back actually 5 minutes early! Woo hoo!

Now if I can just take some of that excitement and get back on my c25k challenge. I quit after the third week. That's so typical, you know? I was very surprised that I stayed on the WW 8-Week Walking Challenge for 9 weeks. And I'm so glad I did. It got me kick started into walking which has lead me to where I am a year later being able to actually run now. But I just can't get my lazy butt out of bed on the days that I'm not walking with the girls.

The batteries in my scale went dead the end of last week. Do you know how depressing that was?! I had no idea how much I depended on that thing until it was gone. I couldn't weigh myself before I went to WI last Sat morning. I was absolutely SHOCKED that I'd lost 2 pounds because the last time I'd weighed myself was Thurs morning and I was still at the same weight as I was on the previous Saturday's WI. So I've been in the dark since then as to how much I weigh. Until last night. I finally had time to go get some batteries! So I plopped the new batteries in last night and stepped up on the scale. Now, first, I have to say that I absolutely refuse to weigh myself at night--ever! Who needs that kind of stress, right? I'll inevitably weight 2-3 pounds more (or even more) at night that I do in the mornings. But alas I still stepped on the scale. It was like I was having scale withdrawals or something. I just couldn't wait to get on top of that darn scale!

So I did.

And I was 185!

I totally panicked!

That's up 3 pounds!

What had I done??!!!

But I was relieved to find that Mr. Squarepants (that's what my WW leader calls the scale) likes me again because this morning I stepped on it and it gave me the 182 that I was hoping for. WOO HOO!

Now I'm back where I was last Saturday. Which is a good thing. I usually weigh the same on Wednesday's. It's usually between Wed and Sat that I lose the weight that gets logged on my WW WI.

So all is well in the land of Cara again.


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Deborah said...

I have the hardest time making myself walk slow.

So glad you are back at it. Now to get back in the running. Can you do it in the evenings instead of in the mornings?