Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i'm having so much fun running...

Okay, so today started out great, except for one thing... I forgot the girls.

I can't believe I did that. That's the first time I've ever done that. I've been so excited about running lately, that I had planned on running on Monday and Tuesday then walking with the girls (I think I should call that WWTG from now on, I'm getting tired of typing that over and over) on Wed and Thurs and then running on Friday.

One problem... I thought today was Tuesday.

I'm not sure what happened but I went to bed last night thinking it was Monday night and set the alarm for 6:15 so I'd be up by 6:30 and could go running/walking for a half hour. I usually need to be done walking and running by 7am to give myself time to cool down and then get ready for work.

So I climbed out of bed at 6:30 and hubby says "aren't you supposed to go WWTGs?" I said, "no, I'm going running this morning". He says, "I thought you went WWTGs on Wed's". I said, "I do, but I'm going running today." This went on for a few minutes when we finally caught up with each other and I realized today was Wed and I totally blew off the girls.

I ran to my phone only to see a text from one of the girls at 6:05 asking where I was.


I felt so bad!

But I went running anyways.

As a matter of fact, I had a great run... well until the end.

I walked for 6 minutes then started running. I had put my HR monitor on so I had planned on running as far as I felt comfortable running. I didn't look at the timer, I just ran. I did an entire lap around our neighborhood which is a half mile. Woo Hoo!!! I felt fine. I was focusing on my posture, my footing, my path, my HR, and my breathing. So I made it all the way around and was starting to go around again when I looked up from my path and everything shifted a bit. I'm not sure what happened, but I remembered Sarah saying that one sign of over doing it was seeing spots or getting dizzy. I guess I over did it. But I truly felt fine. My breathing was great. I wasn't aching in my chest or lungs or legs. I felt fabulous. So I stopped running and started walking. And as soon as I started walking, I started getting nauseous. Then it felt like I had a thick rubber band around my chest. Oh, wait, I did... the HR monitor. I kept it on, though, because I wanted to see how my HR was doing while I cooled down. I walked it out for about 5 more minutes then went in.

I really think I just overdid it. Even though I felt fine, my body obviously isn't ready for it yet. So I'll stick to running in 5 minute increments until I know my body can take it. Next time, I'll walk for 5, run for 5, walk for 5, run for 5 and then finish walking for 5. Keep it an even five 5's.

But that'll be Friday because tomorrow morning is WWTGs.

Oh, I forgot to mention my HR while I was running. It was weird. Before I started running, my walking HR was around 115, which is normal for me. Then as I started running, it went down to 100 then 90 and ended up at 81 just before I stopped running. That was really weird. Then about 20 steps after I stopped running, my HR shot up to 176. After 5 minutes of cool-down walking, I was down to about 135 and finally got back down to 115 about a half hour later.

I don't know if it was the HR monitor malfunctioning or my heart.

Will be interesting to see what happens on Friday.

As for the food temptations, I totally resisted the mini bunt banana bread muffins that someone brought into our office today. Oh, wait, that was me who brought those luscious things in. Shame on me! I couldn't resist (baking them, that is). A guy in our department had asked me to make banana bread about a month ago and I had gotten my great grandmother's recipe (Granny Gracie) and I got some brown bananas from my mother in law so I just had to make the banana bread, you know. All the stars aligned and the time was perfect.

But I didn't eat any.

I stuck to my points, even though I'm totally screaming for bad-for-me snacks again (every night this week, so far).

I'm crocheting a new project that is keeping my hands busy at night. That's helping me stay out of the snacks a tiny bit.

I will make it this week without cheating! I will!!



Deborah said...

Uh, if the HRM shows similar figures on your next run you better see a doctor.

Jennifer said...

It sounds like your HRM wasn't getting a good read. On mine, I have to moisten the area on the strap that is against my heart so it can have better contact.
Good for you for keeping busy so you don't snack and not indulging in the banana muffins. I don't know how you do that, but I admire your strength!
I still haven't worked out this week due to this terrible cold. I was going today, but my brother and sister in law finally asked me to babysit my 7 month old nephew! So I couldn't say no. I will definitely be going to the Y tomorrow because I have to weigh in for my pre-assessment for the Summer Slim Down contest. I'll do a spin class while I'm there too. I have been losing weight this week though by being strict on my points since I can't work out. I'm down about .6 lbs.
Stay strong girl!

Fatinah said...

so glad to see you've regained the upper hand on food!!