Wednesday, June 18, 2008

she's out of control...

Sorry it's been a while since I posted last. Hubby went into the hospital (unexpectedly) because of chest pains. He's out, now, and feeling much better. He's doing follow-up testing with his cardiologist and another specialist to get to the root of the problem.

So things have been a little hectic lately.

I was supposed to go walking with the girls this morning, but I pooped out. I was just too darn tired. I will go tomorrow morning. And I'm suggesting that we walk on Thurs and Fri of this week because we missed our Wed walk. Either way, I'm walking Friday morning. If they can't walk, that'll give me another change to run.

I have been doing absolutely horrible on my diet lately. On Saturday, I had a 1/2 pound cheese burger with the works and onion rings and macaroni salad. Sunday, I had a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut with 2 big ole slices of garlic bread with mozzarella cheese melted on top. Then Sunday night, we took hubby out for a father's day dinner and I ended up eating chili cheese fries with ranch dressing, firecracker egg rolls with avocado lime dressing and a Chocolate Stampede (here's a visual reference for those who don't know what it is). And then Monday I had a slice of sour cream blueberry pound cake and Tuesday I had about 5 glazed donut holes and then today I had a piece of coconut cream pie (oh, and one more donut hole).

I think I'm out of control.

I'm up 3 1/2 pounds since Saturday's weigh in.

I've got to stop indulging. I know it's healthy every once in a while, but I think I've crossed that "once in a while" line.

Oh, on top of all that, it's Sarah's baby shower this Friday and I've got a ton of things to take care of. I've delegated some details to a friend at work today, which will be a huge help. But I've still got the cupcakes to do. Those will take me all of tonight and all of tomorrow night to finish. They're going to be chocolate-coffee flavored cupcakes with probably a chocolate butter cream icing but then topped off with little babies with baby blankets made out of fondant.

Yes I'm a baker.

Hopelessly addicted.

Though I rarely indulge in any of my creations. Only on the extra special or unique ones. They'll end up looking something like this although these are someone else's creations and mine will be a little different.

Anyway, so much to do and so little time.

An in between I'm sabotaging my diet.



Deborah said...

You are not to grown up for me to take you over my knee and give you a good spanking, girl! You've gotta stop eating like that or you know what will happen. You've come so far and spent so much time on this weight loss to flush it down the toilet (literally) now. STOP IT NOW!

I'm so sorry to hear about hubby. Why didn't you call me? I could have helped you worry.

Cara said...

Oh my gosh, i hope the hubby is okay!!