Saturday, June 21, 2008

my worst week ever...

Okay, so this is the worst week I've had in my last 13 months of WW.

I gained 3 pounds!


I've never done that before!

I know exactly what happened, though, I ate everything I possibly could that was bad for me. Cheeseburger, onion rings, chocolate cake, ice cream, pizza, garlic bread with cheese, sour cream blueberry pound cake, coconut cream pie and a half of a chocolate cupcake.

Funny how I felt compelled to mention the half a cupcake, huh? It all counts, you know. Every last bite. And I've totally confessed to everything I ate. Nothing else.

I actually gained over 5 pounds, but I managed somehow to lose 2 pounds before WI this morning.

I ate all that bad stuff last Saturday through Tuesday. Monday night I went to the store and bought all healthy foods and didn't eat out the rest of the week. So that was my saving grace on the 2 pounds. Though no small accomplishment!

I put on a baby shower for a friend at work yesterday (with the help of several gracious helpers—thank you!). And we had a potluck. Mostly casseroles were brought. There was one veggie tray and one plate of roasted chicken. I have to admit, I did taste like one teaspoon each of some of the casseroles, but I had a huge piece of chicken and veggies. AND I DID NOT EAT ONE OF THE CUPCAKES I MADE. (the half a cupcake was from the night before just to test the taste to make sure it was good—seriously!)

The cupcakes turned out wonderful, by the way. Here's a picture.

Oh, by the way, (as if it's an afterthought), hubby is doing better. He's still sore in his chest and I made him take yesterday off. He had dr appts and was going to come to work in between. I told him he better take the day, if not for him, for me. I worry so much about him.

He's doing the same thing Monday (appts and rest). We're still in negotiations about Tuesday. He doesn't have any appts lined up (yet) but we'll see how he's doing Monday. He'll have to get a note from his wife before he can go back to work, you know. :) He's still real tired. But he's taking it slow. Hopefully when we get the results back from these tests and the ones on Monday we'll have something conclusive and know how to proceed.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers!

Now, back to me :) Today starts all over again. I'm going to be good. I'm not going to indulge at all this weekend (like I usually do). I'm going to eat sensible and stick to my points and get back at it. I'm going walking Monday morning. I might run, but for now, I'm planning on walking just so that I have a plan and it's not unrealistic. I'd like to run tomorrow morning before church. That would be awesome. We'll see how it goes. One step at a time. One meal at a time, right?

I still can't believe... 3 pounds!!!???




Deborah said...

I so sorry about the gain. But that is behind you now. You know what caused it and how to not let it happen again. So glad you have your head on straight again. Let's face it, we all take a wrong turn once in a while. And it is fun when we do :o) It's just good that you're back on the right path now. That's the important thing.

Fatinah said...

you have to let that 3lbs is over, you're back at it.....onward and downward!