Friday, June 13, 2008

today was the day...


I woke up this morning and went running!!!

I can't believe it.

Boy am I tired. I should be energized. But I think it's just because I feel like I'm back at week one with the running thing and I think I'm going to have to take it slow again.

I ran for a minute and a half and then walked for a minute. Did that for 20 minutes. Was very tough! But I did it. I did it!

I woke up on time. Only hit the snooze twice. Rolled out of bed tired. Maybe that's why I'm still tired. I went to bed at 11 and got up at 6:30 so 7 1/2 hours is plenty of good rest. Oh, well.

The important thing is that I did it. (I keep saying that.)

I haven't been doing that great on my diet this week. Tomorrow is WI and I think I'm going to break even again. I just haven't been motivated this week. I haven't eaten anything that I'm not supposed to. But my portions are a little larger than they should be. That makes a huge difference. I could eat the healthiest food in the world for months on end but if I eat twice a much of it as I'm supposed to, it doesn't do me any good. Sure, I'll be healthy, but healthy with extra pounds adding on each week. That just seems so weird.

I did eat those french fries earlier this week. That was certainly not healthy. But since then I've done good. I've just added one more week to the great span of time that it'll take me to reach goal. So when I get down close to goal and I start complaining about how long it's taken me to lose those last few pounds, just remember these weeks of breaking even and remind myself what those extra few weeks are for and how I could have been done 2 weeks earlier if I'd have kicked my self in gear and eaten what (and the amount of what) I'm supposed to be eating.

So there. I said it. Get your butt back in gear and eat the right portions.

Funny, didn't I just post guidelines about portion control.

I should read my own blogs.



Deborah said...

YAY YOU! You did it!! When's the next running session?

Fatinah said...

wow - what a great job on the run.

I think you need to let those fries go! Fries are something that you can count and fit into the program (as long as you're not eating them every day).

I think you're doing a stellar job - and those portions will be back in line in no time!!

AnnaBanana said...

GREAT job.

Running DOES get easier...and sometimes (sometimes) it's even really enjoyable!

Cara said...

woo hoo! Good job!