Monday, May 11, 2009

What a great weekend...

This weekend was great! I thought my world as I knew it had come to an end Friday night when my daughter moved out. But when as I made my way through Saturday, things seemed look up a bit. We had lunch with the in-laws and with my daughter and her boyfriend. It was very nice. Just a simple lunch. But we all met at the restaurant, which was kind of cool. It was weird, though, when she made a comment about heading back home to do something and it hit me that she didn't me our home, she meant her home. I was okay with it, though. She seemed a little bigger to me at that point. But just a little. :)

Then yesterday we spent all day together. I felt like we hadn't seen each other in so long. I know, I'm weird. She lives a whole 5 minutes away, but it feels like she's so far away. We went to go see Star Trek in IMAX at 4:40. Who knew they'd be sold out 4 days after the opening day. It must have been because it was in IMAX. The next showing was 3 hours later so we bought the tickets and walked across to the mall and hung out at Barnes & Noble in the coffee shop.

Okay, so here's the bad part. I had a cupcake. I couldn't help it. It was one little itty bitty cupcake. I had a fat free, decaf, latte with sugar free syrup. I could have had a full fat, full caf latte with regular syrup, you know. So the cupcake was a small splurge. I thoroughly enjoyed it (even though it tasted a week old and the icing was so stiff my fork actually clunked when I tapped it on top). We shared a Dwell magazine (architect magazine) which was awesome. Stayed there for about an hour and a half then headed back to the theater. The lady who sold us the tickets said we should get there at least an hour early because the line will be long to get into the theater.

So we waited in line for an hour and a half to try and get good seats at the movie. This is a pic of us sitting on the floor waiting (and waiting). So of course we got GREAT seats. Dead center of the theater!

The movie was AWESOME of course, but the best part was the company. It was so cool hanging out with her all day. I really needed that!

After we got home, she came inside for a few minutes to talk about the movie with dad and then she was off for home--her home. The cutest part was that she texted me to let me know she got home safe. Was so cool.

As for my weight loss journey... I overdid it just a smidge over the weekend but I didn't gain anything (more). I went for my 2 hour bike ride yesterday morning. That was a blast. I called my mom as I was heading out of the driveway and we talked the whole 2 hours. What a great way to spend the beginning of my mother's day.

I started thinking about something Kathi said about watching every bite I eat and thought it'd be a good idea to start measuring things again. So yesterday morning I poured the oatmeal into my bowl. The same amount I usually put in there. Then I measured out the oatmeal after I'd put it in my bowl. I thought I had a cup full in there but it ends up it was a cup and a half. So instead of 5 points it was 9 points. Ugh! I had no idea! So now I'm going to start measuring things again.

Okay, so the funniest part! When I poured the oatmeal into the bowl, I picked up the bowl and looked on the side for the nutritional information so I could check the points. I actually looked on the side of the bowl instead of the side of the oatmeal carton! =D I laughed at myself out loud on that one. LOL!

I'll keep measuring things this week and see how far I've been off on my serving sizes. Hopefully this will help some.

Oh, did I tell you I want to start training for a marathon?


Lauri said...

Hey, Cara. So glad to hear of your day with Nicole. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered on so many levels. I know there will be more days like that ahead for the two of you.
My BL leader was talking about how easy it is after time to be off track with measurements of food. Looks like you have found your culprit. Good luck with reigning it back in and heading towards more success! I know you will do it.

Deborah said...

I enjoyed the (virtual) bike ride you took me on too. I'll have to admit when you called and said you were going on a 2 hour bike ride and decided to take me along (by phone) I thought, "2 hours? What will we talk about for that long?" But it flew by. My thoughts when we hung up were, "That wasn't really 2 hours was it?" I think we could have gone on and on if my phone hadn't been dying. I love you!!

Kathi said...


It looks like you had a great time with your daughter. Like you, both of my children will be heading off to college this fall. Thanks for sharing your struggles with letting her grow up I know will be doing the same.
I am so glad you took what I said well. I was afraid I might have hurt you by what I said. I am glad you used it to empower you. I look forward to seeing how your weight loss goes after watching the portions this week. You will be able to join me in the 100 pound club very soon!!

Have a great week!!


MaryFran said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better about having your daughter living on her own. What a wonderful weekend!

I am the exact same way, I tend to put 'just a bit extra' in the bowl without realizing it. Every once in a while I measure out my foods just to reign back in my portions!

jh said...

I think it is just amazing that you went through this very emotional weekend that was scary to you and you did so well with your food goals, considering. That is inspirational.

Boda weight loss blog

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's too funny about the oatmeal! I've done stuff like that....

Good job training for the marathon!