Friday, May 1, 2009

The exerice blues...

I can never remember, is it better to walk on a pulled muscle or to rest on it?

I pulled a muscle last Friday. Didn't realize that was what it was until yesterday. I thought my legs were just still sore from the workouts I've been doing lately. But then it dawned on me that the only place that was sore was my right calf and boy does it still hurt. So I'm thinking I might have aggravated it this week with all the activity. But I always thought it was good to exercise a pulled muscle, after you've let it rest for a day or two. But maybe that's my problem because I never rested.

I didn't exercise yesterday. I thought it would be better to take one day off this week. I don't feel guilty about it. It's good to rest the body.

I am going on a bike ride tonight, though. I've been antsy to get back out on that trail I found last weekend. I just hope I can make it home from work on time tonight so I have plenty of time to go ride.

So tomorrow is weigh in and I don't think I'm going to do very well. I dropped a half a pound yesterday but I'm still up over a pound from Saturday.

Your advice made me thing. I don't think its a false reading from my HR monitor because I don't judge what I eat by how many calories I've burned. I find out how many activity points I earned and then I'll only add maybe half of them, no more than that, to my daily points allowance for that day. Sometimes I'll only use one or two APs even if I've earned 5 or 6. Just depends on how my body feels and whether I feel like I need extra nourishment that day or not.

The salt thing might be doing it. I've been eating pretzels and tortilla chips over the past week or so. All within my daily points allowance of course, but I know salt does derail me for sure. So I didn't have any yesterday and I wont have any today and we'll see if that's enough to get me back down to what I weighed at last Saturday's weigh in.

Oh, and Jinxxxgirl, I haven't been able to run lately because whenever I do, my knee starts hurting half way through. I can't afford new shoes so I've been doing alternative exercises to try and compensate. So thought I would DEARLY LOVE to get out there and run, and boy do I sure miss it, I can't. I tried it again the other day for a few minutes and my knee started hurting again. I think I'll just have to wait until I can save up enough for the shoes and run agian some day. I sure miss it, though.

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Carol said...

Pretzels - why didn't you say you ate pretzels? There's enough salt in them to easily explain your increase! Mystery solved (I bet).