Saturday, July 12, 2008

18 pounds in 18 weeks...

This is my new challenge/goal.

I want to make it to 100 pounds loss by Thanksgiving.

I figure what better thing int he world to be thankful for that for losing 100 pounds, right?!

So I figured out today that there are 18 Saturdays (WI days) until Thanksgiving and I have 17 pounds to go to get to a total of 100 pounds lost. So I figured this might be a great way to get me motivated again into losing on a consistent basis.

That's only 1 pound a week. Which is healthy weight loss. And totally reasonable.

So I'm going to start a chart over to the right on my blog showing my progress and I'll log into it each Saturday showing my progress. This way I can keep it in front of me and in the front of my mind and know exactly how I'm doing at any given point.

Here's how I'm going to do it.
  1. Well balanced diet (protein, fiber, dairy, oils, fruits, veggies).
  2. Smaller portions (carefully watch and measure everything).
  3. Indulgences are okay, but over-indulgences are NOT!
  4. Exercise 5 days a week (biking, walking and maybe running if I can find the motivation again).
  5. Accountability (tell everyone I know I'm on this challenge so I'm accountable to EVERYONE!!!).
So, I'm starting today, July 12th — 7-12-08.

Oh, by the way, I gained 1.8 pounds today at WI. :(

I know what happened. I didn't exercise. I only exercised one day this past week. I'm at the point in my weight loss journey that diet alone will not cut it any more. I only have 40 more pounds to go. The first 85 pounds were easy. Well, in perspective, I've had to do very little exercise to get this far. It's mostly been dieting. And I've had plenty of indulgences and over indulgences over the past 14 months. But I know if I don't start taking my weight loss more seriously, I won't lose the rest of it.

So this is what I'm dong right now to make a difference. Change course. And get me half of the way closer to my ultimate goal weight.

Hey, would anyone out there like to join me on my 18 Pounds in 18 Weeks Challenge??

I could post your progress on here or link to your blog with your progress updates each week. Leave me a note if you want to do it with me.

We can do it together. The more accountability we have, the more likely the goal will be achieved. I know it.



Katschi said...

Hi Cara!
I'll join you in the 18 lbs in 18 week challenge.
Your story is inspiring to me...yes, lil you! :)

Jenn said...

Hey Cara!

Well, I did it! I started my blog! And you are on my Blog List! You can visit my blog at:
I don't know what I'm weighing right now as I haven't checked since leaving home on Thursday. I'm sure I'm up a couple of pounds! I love your 18 pounds in 18 weeks! I tried doing 17 in 17 last year. It took me about 8 extra weeks, but it's hard getting through the holidays. I think you can do this, especially since your goal date is Thanksgiving (before all the temptations hit us big-time). I've got 5 weeks to go until my goal date, and 5 pounds to lose. So I'm right there with you!

Cara said...

i am at the point that exercise alone does nothing. actually exercise alone never did anything for me. Still need to cut back on the calories every so often.

You are doing great and your plan sounds terrific!

MaryFran said...

18 in 18 sounds like a fabulous plan! Count me in!!!

Karyn said...

Hi Cara!
I'll join you in the 18 lbs in 18 week challenge. Your story is inspiring to me as well!


Donna said...

woot, count me in for the challenge! What a perfect time to start!

Donna said...
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spunkysuzi said...

I would love to join but i've only got 17.2 lbs left to lose. I will however join you in going for a pound a week if that's o.k. ;) Love your blog

Koala said...

I think this is a wonderful idea!

I just wanted to pop by and let you know I'll be doing this challenge as well :)

Keep up the awesome work, and good luck! (not that it's needed ;) )