Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a great breakfast is a great way to start...

I had a bit of weakness yesterday. Had 2 mini burgers for lunch and then had some onion rings with my dinner. Ugh! I'm going to hate myself if I go back up 2 pounds this week. Why do I do that to myself. It's like I just can't stop myself sometimes. This is so hard.

Why does it have to be so hard?

Why can't it be just as easy and fun losing it as it was putting it on?? I ask you, WHY?

I was just reading Escape From Obesity's blog, which is like my new favorite blog, and she was talking about what we all eat for breakfast (got some great ideas from some commenters, too). Anyway, she was talking about what she used to eat for breakfast and it made me think about what I used to eat. Which was barely anything at all for breakfast. I remember skipping breakfast because I thought it would help me at least maintain my weight. I would ramble into work without eating a darn thing and then fill up on cup after cup of coffee to tie me over until lunch where I would gorge on whatever was the fattiest thing I could find to eat.

What was I thinking? I had always heard that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, but I thought I was doing good by skipping it. What sabotage???

In high school, I would have a can of coke for breakfast. Sure, my mom always kept yummy cereal and other great breakfast treats in the house. But I've never been a morning person so I'd skip it and just buy a can of coke out of the vending machines at school. What a horrible breakfast! Made me hungry about an hour later, too.

After I graduated from high school, I'd have a diet coke for breakfast. After all I needed to watch my figure, right?

Now, breakfast is so important to me. I try to have the absolute most protein and fiber that I can possibly find in food. What a better way to start the day than with tons of protein to give me energy through the rough morning and fiber to make me fuller through to lunch? Then at lunch time I'm not ravenous and I can eat a sensible meal.

So I guess I know some of the reasons why I made it to my all time high of 275 pounds last May. Unhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy eating. Over and over again.

I'm glad that's behind me, now. I like eating healthy for breakfast, now. I really do.

Hey, am I the only one who's totally getting psyched about the Olympics???

WWTGs Workout Stats (updated):
Total Calories Burned: 279
Minimum HR: 86
Maximum HR: 132
Average HR: 114
Total Time Walking: 55 min
Total Distance: 2.8 miles

Challenge Update! - Week Three
18 Pounds in 18 Weeks"

Bento Box Diet -
Uh, oh, haven't had a post from Bento since last Tuesday. :(
Katschi - Lost another pound this week. Yeah!!!!!

MaryFran - No report, yet, for week 3.

She's back!!! I finaly got her blog address, now all I need is her WI progress. Woo hoo!!
Donna - Lost 1.9 pounds this week. Way to go Donna!!

Spunkysuzi -
No report, yet, for week 3.
- (just started las week)
Koala -
No report, yet, for week 3.


MaryFran said...

I am actually still trying to lose. However, the weight is just NOT coming off! I'm at the very highest weight I can be...per my doctors advice, so I want to lose more! Meanwhile, I was at 181.0 the other morning!

Katschi said...

Oh, I'm excited about the Olympics!
Watching the athletes makes me want to be fit, too.
Thanks for keeping up the stats for the challenge.
I love eating breakfast. If there happens to be a rare day when I miss eating it, my system revolts.
I love Escape From Obesity's blog, also. I read it from start to finish in 2 days. I can definitely relate to her & she writes so well.
Keep your eyes on the prize, Cara!

spunkysuzi said...

In case my e-mail gets lost i gained .6 this week ;(
And yes i love the olympics, unfortunately i end up watching so much that other things get behind ;)

Deborah said...

At least you recognized your weakness and felt bad about it and that will help you in the future.

You are your mother's daughter all right. I stil hate breakfasts. Especially breakfast foods unless it's lots of bacon and eggs. I stll can't get into the other breakfast foods, so I just eat my half can of soup or half sandwich with protien.

Lynne said...

breakfast is a tough one for me too. I have a bowl of corn flakes every day. boring but easy.

new*me said...

i am looking forward to the olympics too :) I remember some of my old breakfast favorites.........donuts.....ugh and I would eat at least 3. I love Escape from Obesity too. Her blog is one of the reasons I began mine :)