Monday, July 14, 2008

the challenge is going great so far...

Well, after my depressing 1.6 lb. gain this past week, I've found plenty of motivation to kick this weight loss in gear. I've come too far to start sabotaging myself. And it makes me oh so fearful of what'll happen when I eventually reach goal. Will I become complacent and start gaining it back. I so hope not!

A weird one happened... I lost 2 pounds on Saturday, AFTER my WI, thank you very much! I was back up a pound this morning but that was because I had to eat out yesterday and couldn't find anything healthy. I tried the grilled chicken, but I'm sure it was loaded with marinade and calories galore! I did splurge a little last night and got potato skins before my lean steak and steamed broccoli. But that was my indulgence for this week. I'm going to lose a whole pound this week if it kills me.

I went biking again this morning. This time was 7.5 miles and I did it in just over an hour:

Total Calories Burned: 691
Minimum HR: 96
Maximum HR: 186
Average HR: 164
Total Time Biking: 1:02

I love my new HR monitor!

I'm glad to hear that some of you are joining me on my "18 Pounds in 18 Weeks" challenge. I'll link to your blogs if you can leave me your blog address in the comments. So far, here is who is joining me:

Katschi (check our her blog here)

What helped me to get my challenge started was stating specific ways that I'm going to achieve this goal. Like what my regular exercise routine will be, how will I change my eating habits, etc. So maybe that will help you guys as well. Feel free to leave your plan in my comments section or if you leave it on your blog, I'll link to it from my next post.

We can do this together. I'm rooting for you!!



Katschi said...

Hi Cara, thanks for your comments & sharing your story. I'm going to leave a post today on my blog for the 18 in 18 challenge. I'm psyched for it!

Mark Salinas said...

Three years ago I was 60lbs heavier and during my journey I wanted to quit many times. Please continue to believe in yourself and move forward..little setbacks happen that is all they are MINOR. You will win!

My Bento Diet said...

What a great idea! I love your blog by the way - found it through katschi's blog. I'll join your 18 in 18 challenge, sounds like a fun way to get back on the ball for me. Can't wait to see how everyone does! I'll also post about it on my blog :D