Saturday, July 26, 2008

weigh ins sometimes just suck!

Well, Saturday was a crappy WI.

I weighed myself every day last week and by Wednesday I was down 2 pounds from last Saturday's WI. I gained a half a pound back before WI on Sat morning. My home scales are usually about a pound lighter than WW's scales. So I take that into consideration when I weigh myself at home.

Well, for some unknown reason, WW put me as gaining 4/10ths of a pound!

I thought maybe I'd gained some weight between the time I weight myself at home and the time I got to the meeting (which is only a half hour), so after I got home from the meeting, I weighed myself again on my home scales and I was only up 2/10ths of a pound from when I had weighed myself before the meeting. So I don't know how I could have been almost 2 pounds heavier at WW.

I have no idea, but my official WI for this week is + .4 lbs. Like it or lump it, that's what it'll have to be.

This morning, I was still down 2 pounds so I guess that'll just have to reflect on next week's WI.

On a brighter note, my workout Friday morning was phenomenal! I went TEN MILES!!!! (on my bike of course). Up and down the hilly paths and up and down the two foot bridges (one over a busy 6-lane road and the other over a major interstate). And then back again. Took me a total of an hour and 20 minutes, although I stopped twice on the way back for about 3-4 minutes each time to rest at the bottom of both of the foot bridges. I stopped to wait for my HR to get below 150 before I went up. I knew if I didn't get my HR down, I'd have to get of my bike and walk up and I didn't want to do that. Here are my stats:

Total Calories Burned: 883
Minimum HR: 106
Maximum HR: 182
Average HR: 158
Total Time Biking: 83 min
Total Distance: 10 miles

I think I'm really getting into this biking thing. It's such fun. I want to go for a ride right now but it's just too darn hot out there. It' 93 degrees right now. Though the humidity is only up to about 35% that's still too hot.

So this week was pretty cool because 2 of my friends from work signed up for WW, Cathy and Wendy. I showed Cathy how to comment on my blog on Friday, and then Wendy commented on my post from Monday. And then of course, there's Jen, who is my WW buddy since we first started going. I got the job I have now because she left and I took her place. So we have a little community now of people I work with and WW. It's kinda cool.

UPDATE: I just got back from biking. Woo Hoo!! Yea boy it was hot out there. But it was worth it. Here are my stats:

Total Calories Burned: 734
Minimum HR: 86
Maximum HR: 180
Average HR: 147
Total Time Biking: 71 min
Total Distance: 8 miles

Challenge Update! - Week Three

18 Pounds in 18 Weeks"

Bento Box Diet -
(Lost 2.5 pounds, last week)
Katschi - (
Lost 1.6 pounds, last week)
MaryFran - (Lost 0 last week)

(no report last week, please send your blog address to carashow at gmail dot com or leave it in your comment. Not sure when her WI day is or how she's doing.)
Donna - (
Lost 3.6, last week)
Spunkysuzi - (
Lost .6 of a pound last week)
- (just started las week)
Koala - (Send me an update and I'll post it here for you.)


Koala said...

Hey Cara!

I think I left my I'd like to join post on your original challenge page, which may have been confusing.

I found you through another blog, and I think it's a WONDERFUL challenge!

So I just finished my first real week back on the wagon, but as my scale is currently dead (only till tomorrow I hope!), I'm not sure if I've lost or not.

But I did meet my fitness goals, and I'm finding it easier to stay on track now!

As for the nickname, I do like Koalas, but I chose it because my partner TechMan calls me his little Koala bear sometimes :)

Donna said...

Wow, way to go on biking! A whole team of people at my work bike the "Seattle to Portland" ride to raise money for our company (non profit). I was reading about their journey and though, maybe I could do that next year!

Although I took a 3 mile ride yesterday and my poor little butt is really sore!! So maybe not.

Anywho, I went out and bought "The Shack." I finished my other book last night so I'm reading yours now. My mom wants to read it when I'm done, so thanks for suggesting it! =)

PS This challenge is awesome! I'm excited to think that I'll be under 200 lbs before Thanksgiving, before I see my family again! Woohoo! I was down 1.9 lbs this week, for a total of a 5.5 loss