Monday, July 21, 2008

monday's over, hold on to your butts, here comes tuesday...

Well, I was hoping for 8 miles this morning, but I only went 5 1/2. But at least I went, right? We got almost halfway and I completely ran out of energy.

Tomorrow morning, I'm eating something ridiculously high in fiber and protein about a half hour before I leave to go biking. I think that was my problem. I think my body was still half asleep and depleted of energy. I had a big scoop of peanut butter and half a bottle of water before I left. But maybe 2 minutes before I left. I don't think it had time to kick in before I started feeling exhausted.

Another thing was my HR strap wasn't on right and after 7 or 8 minutes it said my HR was 65. I think that's close to death for me. My HR never goes below 85 when I'm completely resting. So I stopped and adjusted it and I had it lipping over top of my bra strap a bit. Ugh! So part of my workout didn't count on the HR watch. So I know these stats aren't correct:

Total Calories Burned: 402
Minimum HR: 40
Maximum HR: 179
Average HR: 139
Total Time Biking: 45 min
Total Distance: 5.6 miles

So, you Challengers are going to have to give me an update on how you're doing.

Challenge Update! - Week Two
"18 Pounds in 18 Weeks"

Bento Box Diet - Lost 2.5 pounds this week. Way to go!!
Katschi - Weighs in tomorrow.
MaryFran - I've misplaced your blog address again. Sorry I don't know how you're doing.
Karyn - please send your blog address to carashow at gmail dot com or leave it in your comment. Not sure when her WI day is or how she's doing.
Donna - Weighed in Yesterday. Lost 3.6 - Way to go, Donna!!!
Spunkysuzi - not sure how she's doing right now.


A good friend from work joined WW today. We drove together to WW during lunch and she signed up as a friend of mine. Because she signed up, we both get this cool "healthy living cooler bag". It'll come in the mail. Can't wait to get it. I can really use it on my bike rides in the mornings. I don't have a place to put a water bottle on my bike and I get thirsty half way through and have to stop at the water fountains on the trail. Quite a pain! Besides the cool bag, it's much cooler that my friend joined. Now I'll have 2 friends from work (and my loving hubby) who go to WW meetings with me on Sat mornings. We'll be havin' a WW party come this Sat morning! :D

Had two dizzy spells today. I haven't had one in maybe 6 months or more. Now two in one day. Not sure what happened. They're usually just quick little 5 second spinny things. Kinda like when you spin around real fast and when you get done how everything spins and spins and spins. Well, it'll get like that for just 2-5 seconds at a time. Doesn't really have to do anything with my eating or my exertion habits. Just happens. But twice in one day is unusual. I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Get some good rest. I feel fine right now, just tired.



spunkysuzi said...

Spunkysuzi here i didn't lose a lb this week but i did lose .6 ;) So i'm happy!!

Deborah said...

Great bike ride. Any ride is a good one in my book. Sorry your HRM was all tangled up in the "straps."

Keep your eye on those dizzy spells and if they keep gettig more frequent go to the doctor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cara for inspiring me to rejoin WW. I finally feel like I can meet that goal that I met back in '02. Support from friends is so helpful for me.

You inspire me.