Wednesday, July 9, 2008

from walking to running to biking...

Well, I'll start this post off by saying... I did no exercise at all today.


I couldn't WWTGs this morning but I could have gotten up and at least ran for 20 minutes. I had an extra 20 minutes in my morning that I could have at least done some sort of exercise! But nooooo, I stayed in bed and became a lazy butt!

Well, at least I'm walking tomorrow morning. I have no excuses!

I've been doing good on my food intake. Today I had sweet potato pancakes for breakfast and had a half a chicken sandwich with a bowl of minestrone soup for lunch and for dinner was a couple a cups of watermelon, several cheese cubes and sweet corn. I know, not the most well balanced, but at least I got in my fiber and protein for each meal. Had lots of water, too. No coffee today either.

I think I've decided to change my running to cycling. I watched a special yesterday on this 85-year-old woman who bicycles 16 miles every day. It showed her slowly biking around the neighborhood having a blast.

Well, I LOVE bicycling! We used to bike every Sunday afternoon until it got too hot. Now, it's just torture bicycling in the afternoons. But in the mornings it shouldn't be too bad, right?

And it's safer than walking or running by myself, too, right?

They say it's better for you to bike than run anyways.

I'll bet I could bike 10 miles every morning. You think? Or at least 5 miles. I don't know. I'll have to time myself. I remember going 10 miles one time several months ago and it took us an hour of leisurely biking. I'm sure I could do more than that exercising. I know just the route I'd take, too. I'd only have to cross the street twice.

Okay, now I can't wait until Friday morning to try it. I sounds like a blast!!

I'm still up a pound since Saturday, but it's only Wednesday. I'm hoping I'll be down before Saturday. I don't know what I'm doing different this week, other than no exercise. I think that's probably doing it. So hopefully between WWTGs tomorrow and biking on Friday, it'll be enough to show a loss on Saturday.



Deborah said...

Cycling sounds like a great idea. I'm jealous. Sure wish I could do that around her...but wait, I'd have to buy myself a bike.

I can understand wanting to stay in bed for that extra 20 minutes but you have to quit doing that. You need the exercise.

I loved the photo of you holding the cupcake (forgot to mention that earlier). You look so much happier than you did a year ago and many pounds ago.

MaryFran said...

Cycling is also a LOT less stress on your body because you are eliminating that impact! I love biking!